Top Albums of 2017: Bicep

The music supervision team at PlayNetwork saw over 6700+ albums, EPs and compilations added to our extensive music library in 2017. With so much amazing music to pick from, our Music Supervision team finally narrowed down their top 10 albums of the year.

Continuing our theme of top album write ups, we’ve enlisted Music Supervisor, Mark Campbell, who has over 25 years experience in the music industry. When he’s not curating playlists for our many brands, he loves spending time in his home studio where he creates his own music using his array of vintage analog synthesizers. Mark writes on why the new Bicep release was one of his favorites of 2017.

Artist: Bicep

Album: Bicep

Twitter: @feelmybicep

Track: AURA

Great electronic music always features a good balance of the expected and the unexpected. On their eponymous debut album, the Irish DJ duo of Andy Ferguson and Matt McBriar deliver on all levels – providing the proper blend of club-ready comfort and surprise. Elaborate analog synth textures, punchy drum tracks, and an overall top-notch production level makes this a standout in the world of electronic dance music, easily one of the best of 2017.

Mark Campbell

About Mark Campbell

Hello, my name is Mark Campbell. I’m a musician, producer, and DJ with over 25 years in the music industry. I began my career as a music supervisor with PlayNetwork in 2009. A lifelong fan of music, my connection was established early on with childhood trumpet lessons and an upbringing in a very musically-influenced home.

As a music supervisor, I curate and program custom music playlists for national and international brands that align with their brand pillars and consumer demographics. I often tell people that my time spent DJing (at weddings, parties, nightclubs, etc.) was the best preparation for my current position. Over the years, I honed the craft of “reading the room” and playing the right song at the right time.

When I’m not curating playlists for brands, I spend time in my home studio creating my own music – utilizing my collection of vintage analog synthesizers (some of these compositions have been placed in film, television, and video games). You’ll also find me, each football season, at CenturyLink Field cheering on the Seahawks in their never-ending pursuit of another Lombardi Trophy.

Twitter: @DJMarkCampbell

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