Music Discovery: May 2017

This month our Music Discovery is brought to you by one of our Associate Music Supervisors, Hallie Sloan, who has decided to break down the evolution of music’s pillow talk starting with the master, Marvin Gaye to the modern day masters such as Miguel and John Legend. And, as always, our May BrandRadio playlist has been hand picked by our entire music team to refresh your spring playlist.


Let’s Get It On // The Evolution of Pillow Talk from Marvin Gaye to Modern Day

Let’s reminisce on our parents’ notion of “simpler times”. This baby-booming generation romanticized direct communication, when carnal encounters were supposedly not contingent on a slide right. We hear their stories of love and lust and we hear it in their songs. And questions you may have asked such as, “Mom, tell me how you met dad?” “Well, one day he was leaving tennis practice just as I was starting my swim lesson, we locked eyes and…” let me stop right there. Many of us are left wondering, could this generation be more passive in curating their ideal playmate?

Marvin Gaye says it loud and clear “Let’s Get It On.” And while that kind of boldness might score you a pity point or two today, I think it’s safe to call it like it is. My generation, the millennials, are not so impressed by your fleeting copulation. To me, “Let’s Get It On” has a completely different meaning, no different from a cat call on the street – yet we hear this theme (Al Green, Barry White) repeated time after time through the R&B hits of the 70’s. It’s not to say we are ignorant about casual encounters and good old-fashioned fun in the sheets. In fact, my peers are redefining what love, romance and casual encounters mean–and if they intersect at all. We need something more than a simple suggestion of the act.

Forget being direct, this temporary act of coitus paints a picture of fantasy, an apparition of human intimacy that is only understood between two bodies of flesh in their most animalistic state. The fact that it will only happen once, or a few times, is utterly irrelevant and this is the distinctive shift in modern day R&B. Regardless of what gets you hot and bothered, it’s undeniable that Miguel’s ballads prescribe the graphic imagery of our innermost desires and release a cathartic reaction in which hormones domineer and our usual senses fall astray.

The following six tracks are evidence of the symptomatic re-romanticized modernism of being born into a curatorial generation where you can hand-select your utopian mate (obviously, another iteration of yourself) based off height, income, your Spotify playlist AND still get a free 6-month trial. Plus, if all that goes well, then maybe, just maybe, we’ll consider a relationship one day.


Artist: Miguel

Twitter: @Miguel

Track: Coffee



Artist: Majid Jordan

Twitter: @majidjordan

Track: Every Step Every Way



Artist: John Legend

Twitter: @johnlegend

Track: What You Do To Me



Artist: MAALA

Twitter: @MAALAmusic

Track: Soak



Artist: Emma Lauren

Twitter: @emmalauran

Track: Little Too Much



Artist: Usher

Twitter: @Usher

Track: Climax

Hallie Sloan

About Hallie Sloan

Hi, I am Hallie Sloan, Associate Music Supervisor at PlayNetwork with over six years of industry experience.

I consider my current music preference to be the adult manifestation of my “punk” childhood.  By age 13, I had convinced my mom to let me shave my head and wear embarrassing “DIY” clothing. Strapped with an Epiphone Flying V guitar and looking like a mishmash between Sid Vicious and Siouxsie Sioux, I shamelessly flaunted my insubordinate lifestyle.

In college, I volunteered for the student-run radio station 89.3 KUGS-FM, and after four years became its program director. Despite my loyalty to the station, making mix tapes was a hobby that incidentally landed me a career at PlayNetwork in 2014. I like the challenge of programming music to a client’s preference that varies from my own; it’s a whole new ballpark to satisfy a client whose demographic loves classical when your knowledge is limited.

When I am not scanning music for offensive lyrics, managing accounts, or setting up a PlayLive concert, I can be found directing an “experimental” annual music festival, Debacle Fest, or participating in a female DJ collective known as TUF.

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