Music Discovery: March 2017

For the month of March we are stepping in to the Seattle music scene which has a diverse history of music, and it is still going strong. “There is an amazing variety of artists ranging from all styles of music who are captivating the Seattle Music Scene. The publicity may not be as noticeable but the creativity is as strong as ever. With an ever changing landscape of technology and corporations, it is no wonder why the local youth are challenging the establishment with a multitude of genres touching on soul, rock, hip hop and folk,” according to Associate Music Supervisor, Ruben Lira. With so many artists to choose from, Ruben as chosen four bands that he says are currently captivating his palate. Plus, our entire music team has made sure our playlist for our March BrandRadio is all new to keep your playlists current for 2017!




Artist: Spirit Award

Facebook: @spiritawardband

Track: Las Vegas

Vintage dreamy indie rock. I love how the songs moves back and forth through different variations of moods both edgy yet ethereal. With the multitude of variations, the song twist through, it always returns to the rhythmic drums and playful retro guitar sounds.


Artist: Great Spiders

Facebook: @greatspiders

Track: Bailey

This song has a quality to it which is hard to sum up into one word. With an intro consisting of the simple strumming of the chords transitioning into hypnotic drums churning the songs to a climax, captivating the listener all the way through. This song, is a story, a journey, which traverses through a winding path through life.


Artist: Smokey Bright’s

Facebook: @smokeybrights

Track: Baby Bigshot

With a blues rock vibe harkening back to the glory days of psychedelic blues rock, the song begins with a hypnotic bass line which pushes the song toward its many psychedelic directions. Tantalizing your ears with subtle, mysterious guitar sounds which seem to be encircling the listener while in a dream-like-setting.


Artist: The Dip

Facebook: @thedipmusic

Track: Ready To Go

A seven piece 60s soul revival. This is Seattle Soul. I saw this group at the Timbrr! Winter Festival put on by Artist Home based out of Seattle, this past January. Their performance of this song was mesmerizing. With the entrance of the Hammond organ, and perfectly timed vocals in synch with every part of the song. This one song, took the crowd back to the era of soul with style. This is the quintessential song, to take anyone away from any worries or concerns in life and to just stop, and enjoy life.

Ruben Lira

About Ruben Lira

Hello my name is Ruben Lira and I am an associate music supervisor for PlayNetwork. I have been in the industry for 14 years.

The desire to learn to play The Kinks, “You Really Got Me,” plus picking up my first instrument, had me hooked on music. I soon started playing in bands, and realized I could actually make a living in music. This led me to pursuing my passion. I received my Bachelors in music from The University of Incarnate Word in San Antonio Texas, studying a variety of music, ranging from classical to jazz to world music in the Mediterranean and Middle East. I also studied music therapy for 2 years which allowed me to appreciate all forms of music.

Prior to joining PlayNetwork, I worked all around the music industry—at record labels, music companies, and even writing blogs for Tour Worthy. Most recently, I worked at Knick Knack Records and Sarathan Records.

When I am not procuring and editing music, assisting with client and brand relations, or cataloging music at PlayNetwork, I enjoy playing the guitar, the piano and tutoring a music theory lesson here and there. Honestly, the best part about working with music is that I am able work in a field I truly love, and I get to work with people who are just as passionate about music as I am!

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