12 Days of Music: A Review of Santigold’s Album 99 Cents

Artist: Santigold

Album: 99 Cents – Atlantic Records 2016

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I chose to write about Santigold’s 99 Cents as my pick of 2016 because it was an album that caught my attention from the very first time I heard the lead single “Can’t Get Enough Of Myself”. The song was catchy, fun, and unique enough to be memorable. I kept coming back to it, and then discovered that several songs off the album were getting stuck in my head: “Banshee”, “All I Got”, “Who I Thought You Were”, and “Chasing Shadows” all checked the “hey, that’s actually a pretty good song!” box for me. Individually, the tracks have their own sonic elements that really differentiate them from each other. The album as a whole has this not-your-average-pop vibe to it, which is what made it stick with me.

Gabriel Marowitz

About Gabriel Marowitz

Hello, my name is Gabriel Marowitz. I have over 10 years’ experience in the music industry and currently work as a music supervisor for PlayNetwork. I love all things music, and while I am a roots music nerd I really enjoy anything you can dance to.

I have worked in all corners of the music industry, from festival production and programming, to radio and tour promotion, as well as working in marketing at indie record labels. I started with PlayNetwork four years ago and haven’t looked back. My favorite job—matching an artist who I love (old or new) with a brand who values music as a core component of its identity.

I am excited about today’s music industry, how it continues to adjust to the digital age. I enjoy staying on top of developments in the music space as well as learning about innovations that affect customer experiences in retail environments.

When I am not working to keep up with the constant deluge of new music released every week, I blow off steam playing around town with local Seattle bands. You can find me hanging at my weekly bluegrass jam or watching Clint Dempsey and the Seattle Sounders try to make a run at the MLS Cup.

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