12 Days of Music: A Review of Santigold’s Album 99 Cents

Artist: Santigold

Album: 99 Cents – Atlantic Records 2016

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I chose to write about Santigold’s 99 Cents as my pick of 2016 because it was an album that caught my attention from the very first time I heard the lead single “Can’t Get Enough Of Myself”. The song was catchy, fun, and unique enough to be memorable. I kept coming back to it, and then discovered that several songs off the album were getting stuck in my head: “Banshee”, “All I Got”, “Who I Thought You Were”, and “Chasing Shadows” all checked the “hey, that’s actually a pretty good song!” box for me. Individually, the tracks have their own sonic elements that really differentiate them from each other. The album as a whole has this not-your-average-pop vibe to it, which is what made it stick with me.

Gabriel Marowitz

About Gabriel Marowitz

Hey, my name is Gabriel Marowitz. I am a self-admitted roots music nerd but really enjoy any music you can dance to.

After working in many corners of the music business, I am currently Supervisor of Music Services at PlayNetwork where I manage the Starbucks playlist, along with many other retail brands. I am excited about how today’s music industry continues to adjust to the digital age.

When not busy at the day job I’m either out at a show, picking tunes on the mandolin at my local bluegrass jam, or watching Clint Dempsey and the Seattle Sounders try to make a run at the MLS Cup.

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