12 Days of Music: A Review of Chance the Rapper’s Album Coloring Book

Artist: Chance the Rapper

Album: Coloring Book – Self Released 2016

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Chancellor Bennett a.k.a Chano a.k.a Lil’ Chano from 79th or better known as Chance The Rapper took 2016 by storm with his 3rd mixtape “Coloring Book” which was filled with an abundant amount of features to compliment the colorful soundscape that is created within the 14 tracks of this masterpiece. From the Hip-Hop bass heavy sounds of “No Problem” to the lush and intimate sounds of “Summer Friends” to entrancing love songs like “Juke Jam” to dancing in the club on “All Night” and more importantly the gospel inspired tracks like “Blessings” that drives the overall message of the project. 

I loved this album because of its overall sound, subject matter, and tactic to put in religious connotations throughout and in between songs that listeners are used to hearing from Chance. Enhancing that with amazing production from Brasstracks, The Social Experiment, Lido, & Kaytranada and you pretty much have a project that’s difficult to pass up. I’m pleased, or should I say “blessed”, that Chance gave a refreshing album to Hip-Hop listeners and music lovers throughout.

Christian Zabala

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I started DJ’ing when I was 15, which led to making beats in college, and this is when I knew at some point I wanted to work in the music industry. Years of making music and DJ’ing weddings, birthdays, and clubs would eventually lead me to working at PlayNetwork in June of 2015! The best thing about working here is being surrounded by people who love music. Plus, coming in every day and having music at my fingertips is definitely a luxurious experience!

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