Music Discovery: November 2016

Our Music Supervisor, Mark Campbell, shares with you an artist he feels is one of the best of 2016. And along with his pick, our entire music team has hand selected a mixture of new music discoveries to keep your playlists current through the fall days of November.




Artist: The Head and The Heart

Twitter: @headandtheheart

Album: Signs of Light

Midway through their third LP, the song “Library Magic” features the refrain, “There will always be better days.” The lyric is a perfect summation of the overall optimistic direction of one of the best records of 2016. Producer Jay Joyce (Eric Church, Cage The Elephant) makes the most out of the well-crafted songs – bringing them to a polished and unexpected level. At times, the Indie Folk band from Seattle sounds like the latest and greatest in the world of Pop music – in the best and most-welcome sense. Tempos and arrangements vary throughout the record. From the driving beat of “City of Angles” to the down-tempo groove of “Colors” the songs are all successfully delivered, creating a musical mosaic that satisfies, rewards, and surprises the listener. The lead single, “All We Ever Knew” (with its sing-along “la la la” chorus) is a stand out – well deserving a seat at the best of the year table. As long as albums of this caliber are recorded and released, there will always be better days – indeed.


Track: All We Know

Track: Library Magic (Live)


Track: I Don’t Mind (Audio Only Video)

Mark Campbell

About Mark Campbell

Hello, my name is Mark Campbell and I am a music supervisor at PlayNetwork. I have been in the industry for 28 years (time flies when you’re having fun).

I can’t remember a time music wasn’t playing in my home. My parents loved music; Dad was into big band/swing and Mom was into the crooners. To this day my favorite vocalist remains Nat King Cole. As a kid I dreamed of becoming a “rock star”  – playing in a band and touring the world. In my late teens I started a mobile DJ service with a friend, playing at weddings and parties at almost every major venue in the greater Seattle area. In my spare time I write and produce songs, some of which have been placed in movies, TV, and video games globally.

I started with PlayNetwork in 2009. As a music supervisor I curate and program customized playlists catering to the brand client’s customer base. I always tell people DJing was the best preparation for my current position—all those days of honing the craft of “reading the room” and playing the right songs at the right time. (It’s also nice to know that all those hundreds of dollars I spent at Tower Records over the years wasn’t a total waste.)

Twitter: @DJMarkCampbell


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