Music Discovery: May 2016

During the day-to-day process of matching bands with brands, our Music Supervisors are obliged to listen to an eclectic spectrum of music. From high-fashion retailers to fast-casual restaurants, the search for needed content exposes our team to a wide range of emerging talent and overlooked classics.

One of our Music Supervisors, Mark Campbell, has featured four songs from Band of Horses, Postiljonen, Tiga, and Blitzen Trapper which reflect the diverse scope of songs our team utilizes on a daily basis. You can check out these songs, as well as many other new releases chosen by our Music Supervisor team, using the Brand Radio player below.



Artist: Band of Horses

Twitter: @bandofhorses

Track: Casual Party

From their forthcoming album Why Are You OK (due out this June), the Seattle rockers share their new single – a peppy, indie rock gem that indicates a slight departure from their previous sound. If this song is any indication, this album should be a standout for 2016. Having Rick Rubin as executive producer on the LP will certainly help in the publicity department.


Artist: Postiljonen


Track: Supreme

As a synthesizer enthusiast, I find myself drawn to all things in the world of electronic music. Recalling the HI-NRG sounds of the mid-80’s, this dream pop band from Sweden delivers a remarkable track that lives up to the genre’s name – its dreamy (washed out, whimsical vocals) and its pop (tap-your-toes electro goodness).


Artist: Tiga

Twitter: @Tiga

Track: Make Me Fall In Love

The prolific Canadian-born DJ, remixer, and producer recently released his latest album No Fantasy Required. This track is a good representation of the overall feel and direction of the record – a seemingly effortless mishmash of vintage and modern, classic sounds intertwined with modern tech.


Artist: Blitzen Trapper

Twitter: @BlitzenTrapper

Track: Nights Were Made For Love

Released late last year, All Across This Land from the Oregon-based rock/folk/country band is exceptional, arguably the best of their career. This track, which has been compared to early Springsteen songs, is a standout. If you haven’t heard the full LP yet, be sure to check it out. The retro-tinged sounds of 70’s-era rock are effective, tasteful, and fun.

Mark Campbell

About Mark Campbell

Hello, my name is Mark Campbell and I am a music supervisor at PlayNetwork. I have been in the industry for 28 years (time flies when you’re having fun).

I can’t remember a time music wasn’t playing in my home. My parents loved music; Dad was into big band/swing and Mom was into the crooners. To this day my favorite vocalist remains Nat King Cole. As a kid I dreamed of becoming a “rock star”  – playing in a band and touring the world. In my late teens I started a mobile DJ service with a friend, playing at weddings and parties at almost every major venue in the greater Seattle area. In my spare time I write and produce songs, some of which have been placed in movies, TV, and video games globally.

I started with PlayNetwork in 2009. As a music supervisor I curate and program customized playlists catering to the brand client’s customer base. I always tell people DJing was the best preparation for my current position—all those days of honing the craft of “reading the room” and playing the right songs at the right time. (It’s also nice to know that all those hundreds of dollars I spent at Tower Records over the years wasn’t a total waste.)

Twitter: @DJMarkCampbell


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