Featured Artist: Nicola Cruz

Artist: Nicola Cruz

Twitter: ZZK Records

Track: Colibria

Nicola Cruz is a French producer and percussionist of Ecuadorian heritage. This track, Collibia (the name of the instrument played throughout the track) is a beautiful evocative slice of mellow acoustic electronica. There are touches of the Afro Cosmic sound and also the traditional folk sounds of South America. Deeply satisfying all round Nicola says “Colibria was born when I was living at the foothills of an active volcano where daily we watched it bleed, this track signifies an inward search and the journey of being reborn.” I think this sums it up perfectly. The track is taken from his stunning new album “Prender El Alma.”

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Tim Shaw

About Tim Shaw

Hello, my name is Tim Shaw and I am a music coordinator for PlayNetwork EMEA. I have been in the industry for almost 30 years.

I started DJing in 1988 at top clubs including Venus, Deluxe, The Bomb, and Stealth through the 90s and 00s. I have also worked in record shops and owned my own independent clothing retail outlet. My experiences give me a unique take and understanding of all genres of music and their place in retail and other environments.

At PlayNetwork I have a large number of playlists for which I am responsible for sourcing content and updating, which includes a wide range of regional content and electronic music.

When not busy at PlayNetwork, I am a producer and remixer as one half of Coyote running the Is It Balearic..?, Magic Wand, and Uber record labels, where we have over 60 vinyl releases under our belt.

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