Music Discovery: Music Supervisors Top Picks of 2015

Every year, our Music Supervisors, who range from DJs to label owners, dive through hundreds of albums and thousands of songs to find perfect and unique songs that will fit seamlessly into the audio strategies for our brands. After many years of curating playlists myself, I’ve come to realize that our clients just want one thing: to stand out from the droves of other brands by sharing songs that pique the interest of their customers. Now that the end of the year is upon us, we’ve put our artistic audiophile brains together to come up with some standouts in music discovery, some of which you’ve heard already playing at your local coffeehouse or fashion boutique and some you’ve never heard before.

Artist: Wild Ones

Twitter: @wildonestheband

Track: Dim The Lights

Portland based band ‘Wild Ones’ starts us off with a track that made topped many of our Music Supervisor’s lists of their favorite songs of the year. Daniel Sullivan’s gritty voice sounds like she’s walking the streets under the dim lights of Manhattan–and we have found this track fits nicely with many of our brand’s sonic strategies.


Artist: Honne

Twitter: @hellohonne

Track: Coastal Love

Honne hails from London and is currently on tour in Europe. This Duo, who combines electronic and guitar rhythms, exudes sex appeal with their track ‘Coastal Love’, making this track an excellent pick for global fashion boutiques.


Artist: Disclosure

Twitter: @disclosure

Track: Omen (ft. Sam Smith)

English electronic duo, consisting of brothers Howard and Guy Lawrence, has been performing together since 2010. Their latest release, ‘Omen’, stood out with a guest appearance from soulful singer Sam Smith.


Artist: Mercury Rev

Twitter: @mercuryrevvd

Track: Are You Ready?

After many incarnations from this New York based band, Mercury Rev graces us with their first release since 2008. One of my personal favorites of the year, ‘Are You Ready?’ has something for everyone. From swaths of synths to indie rock sounds, this track confuses the musical senses into reliving the psychedelic era.

Alex Espinosa

About Alex Espinosa

Hey, I am Alex Espinosa, a music supervisor at PlayNetwork with over 30 years of music experience.

As the youngest of three, I have my brothers to thank for my eclectic taste in music, which ranges from the Beatles to AC/DC, David Bowie to Radiohead—plus throw in my early teen years and you have to add Post Punk and New Wave. I really just love all things music.

It all started at 16 with my first job at a record store called Licorice Pizza, which grew into radio station work, then on to Muzak for 12 years before landing PlayNetwork in 2011. Now, working in the industry for over 30 years, I can honestly say the best thing is being able to discover music from all over the world that is new to someone’s ears.

If I am not trying to find that perfect song for a brand partner, or contracting with Slacker Radio, you may catch me at good dive bar with some great scotch or perhaps catching a live show (or two or three). But my favorite thing to do is spend time with my wife and son.

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