Featured Artist: Cosmo’s Midnight

Artist: Cosmo’s Midnight

Twitter: @cosmosmidnight

Track: Walk With Me

Cosmo and Patrick Liney are twins from Sydney that make up the production duo, Cosmo’s Midnight. Their name comes from Cosmo making a remix of a Lykke Li track “Little Bit” at midnight one evening. Their music is defined as instrumental, chill out and electronic, yet it fits into a lot of genre categories. Their new EP “Moments” is out now, so check it out!

Other tracks from Cosmo’s Midnight

Emily Mitchell

About Emily Mitchell

Hello my name is Emily Mitchell and I am a music supervisor for PlayNetwork EMEA.

I studied classical performance and composition from an early age which lead to getting a music degree at The University of Manchester. I then decided to take a shot at working in the industry. I did an internship for an independent label distribution company which lead to a full time position, and have had small stints at booking agencies.

When I am not working at PlayNetwork, I work on my music blog called ‘Genre Confused’ which has helped me to expose lesser known artists to wider audiences within a multiple of genres. What I love most about working at PlayNetwork is discovering new music, which means I get to work with a lot of amazing artists and labels to get their music heard by millions of consumers every day.

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