Music Discovery: October 2015

Fall is turning into winter and our Music Supervisors have curated a playlist just for you. One of our Music Supervisors, Gabriel Marowitz, has featured three songs, from Fairground Saints, Strange Faith and Kaleo, that stand out from the hundreds that he hears every month. We are sure you will find these tunes as refreshing as he did.


Artist: Fairground Saints

Twitter: @FGSaints

Track: Turn This Car Around

This song starts out sounding pretty Nashville, but ends up being sunny California Country Popgrass. This makes sense, as the group’s debut album was recorded in Malibu and not Music City. This song includes catchy vocals and melodic riffs from guitar, mandolin and banjo, as well as nice string arrangements and fiddle in there too. If they can perform live on those instruments as well as they do on the record, this will be a band to watch.


Artist: Strange Faith

Twitter: @tru_thoughts

Track: Walking Over

This Sunday morning easy groove comes from Jeb Loy Nichols across the pond in Wales. Strange Faith (Nichols’ collaboration with jazz/soul/folk producer and composer Benedic Lamdin) brings a rich and vibrant, breezy yet bluesy twist on the laid-back soul sound.


Artist: Kaleo

Twitter: @officialkaleo

Track: Way Down We Go

This song is pretty awesome. So is the music video, where the band gets dropped off by helicopter on an empty Icelandic tundra, walks up a volcano, and then descends into the depths of the earth to perform in a cold, leaky underground cave. Way down, indeed.

Gabriel Marowitz

About Gabriel Marowitz

Hey, my name is Gabriel Marowitz. I am a self-admitted roots music nerd but really enjoy any music you can dance to.

After working in many corners of the music business, I am currently Supervisor of Music Services at PlayNetwork where I manage the Starbucks playlist, along with many other retail brands. I am excited about how today’s music industry continues to adjust to the digital age.

When not busy at the day job I’m either out at a show, picking tunes on the mandolin at my local bluegrass jam, or watching Clint Dempsey and the Seattle Sounders try to make a run at the MLS Cup.

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