Featured Artist: Leo Kalyan

Artist: Leo Kalyan

Twitter: @leokalyan

Track: Fingertips

Leo Kalyan describes his music as ‘oceanic beats’, with his floaty, electronic sound that definitely makes sense. This Londoners’ vocals are smoky and dazed with a very inventive spin. This track is taken off his EP ‘Silver Linings’, Kalyan describes that ‘Fingertips’ is a song about attempting to escape a memory but never being fully able to shake it off.

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Emily Mitchell

About Emily Mitchell

Hello my name is Emily Mitchell and I am a music supervisor for PlayNetwork EMEA.

I studied classical performance and composition from an early age which lead to getting a music degree at The University of Manchester. I then decided to take a shot at working in the industry. I did an internship for an independent label distribution company which lead to a full time position, and have had small stints at booking agencies.

When I am not working at PlayNetwork, I work on my music blog called ‘Genre Confused’ which has helped me to expose lesser known artists to wider audiences within a multiple of genres. What I love most about working at PlayNetwork is discovering new music, which means I get to work with a lot of amazing artists and labels to get their music heard by millions of consumers every day.

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