Music Discovery: August 2015

August may signal the end of summer to some, but for our music supervisors, August is a time for upbeat and cool music that contrasts these long hot days. Among the songs selected by the Global Music Supervision team, four songs have been featured as quintessential summer jams by Music Supervisor, Alex Espinosa.  Check out the playlist, featuring songs from Waster, U R, World Beneath The Sea and Railway Lines.

WIN WIN – “Waster”
My first selection comes by New York band WIN WIN. Their song Waster was an exciting fine by way of shopping for music at Amoeba record store while on a business trip. With its buzz worthy chorus, off centered guitar riffs and the not so subtle hand clapping has this track, off of their latest release ‘Primaries’ as a standout for me.

Beach Baby – “U R”
My next selection is from the English band Beach Baby. With its shoegaze sound and laid back beach feel, their new single U R reminds me of the days of skipping school to go surfing with best friends. Look for them to tour stateside in the coming fall.

Brave Shores – “World Beneath The Sea”
World Beneath The Sea by Canadian brother and sister act Brave Shores entranced my musical senses with their drum loops and synths sounds. This track, off their self-titled EP has this dream like feel to it with a cutting edge indie sound.

Anthonie Tonnon – “Railway Lines”
My last selection comes from New Zealand native Anthonie Tonnon. His single Railway Lines has second narrative lyrics with a pulsing synth beat that keeps me coming back for more listens to hear the story of the song over and over again. It’s a type of song writing that reminds me a lot of Elliott Smith.

Alex Espinosa

About Alex Espinosa

Hey, I am Alex Espinosa, a music supervisor at PlayNetwork with over 30 years of music experience.

As the youngest of three, I have my brothers to thank for my eclectic taste in music, which ranges from the Beatles to AC/DC, David Bowie to Radiohead—plus throw in my early teen years and you have to add Post Punk and New Wave. I really just love all things music.

It all started at 16 with my first job at a record store called Licorice Pizza, which grew into radio station work, then on to Muzak for 12 years before landing PlayNetwork in 2011. Now, working in the industry for over 30 years, I can honestly say the best thing is being able to discover music from all over the world that is new to someone’s ears.

If I am not trying to find that perfect song for a brand partner, or contracting with Slacker Radio, you may catch me at good dive bar with some great scotch or perhaps catching a live show (or two or three). But my favorite thing to do is spend time with my wife and son.

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