Tz’s Daily Dose of Drummers: Loz

Enter the 90’s and England’s 2nd of 3 great movements; ‘Shoegaze‘. The best of these bands, and yes, better than MBV, was RIDE. They were the perfect band at the Perfect Time, and they had a secret weapon in their drummer; Loz Colbert. RIDE‘s music was full of melody & angst, and Loz contributed just enough chaos to bring it all home. Imagine Keith Moon without the crazy…


Amidst the beauty and the noise, you can hear hook after hook! This next song taught me the ride/crash/ride/crash technique that i still love to use…


Sadly, RIDE broke up and for some reason refuse to reunite! One guy went solo, another joined Oasis, another quit music and Loz joined indie-Gods The Jesus & Mary Chain


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  • Strong, strong post! Love Ride and JMC.

    Check out The Veldt “Soul In a Jar”

    A worthy addendum to the 90’s shoegaze set from Chapel Hill, NC. Cocteaus meets The Chameleons meets Detroit Soul

    - John Crooke