Tz’s Daily Dose of Decade: The Chameleons

The Chameleons may be the world’s greatest band that you’ve never heard of! Most of their peers went on to varying degrees of success. Ever heard of U2? How about The Cure or Echo & The Bunnymen? Well, The Chameleons first 3 albums are far superior to those other bands’ first 3, hands down. I’m not coming from some hipster perspective either; I didn’t see them live in a club in ’82, nor do i possess their first E.P. on that obscure label or some other elitist nonsense. I didn’t even like these guys until years after their 1988 break-up. It took years to uncork, but my love flows freely for this band and they still have to power to unearth my teen angst. Here’s ‘In Shreds’ from their 2nd album, What Does Anything Mean? Basically


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They finally reunited a few years back, and i even got to meet singer/bassist Mark Burgess. I didn’t even mind that he maybe hugged my wife a little too long! It was a fantastic show by a fantastic band and we were even lucky enough to hear new material (something you usually do not want) live! Here’s ‘Indiana’ from their 4th proper album, Why Call It Anything?…


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