Tz’s Daily Dose of Decade: Kitchens of Distinction

The early 90’s were so full of promise, that is before Grunge came along and fooled everybody into thinking they were alternative, when most of us know that those guys just put away the spandex and pulled on their father’s yard clothes. Here is one of the great artists from that era, that unfortunately seems to have been forgotten by the critics. The Kitchens’ brought the guitar dream-pop into the 90’s in a way that their peers could not, especially considering how open singer/bassist Patrick Fitzgerald was about his lifestyle, something that few others seemed brave enough to do. Here’s Kitchens Of Distinction with ‘Drive That Fast’ from their 1991 album Strange Free World.


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  • nice.. i was just listening to death of cool, from 1992. i’ve always enjoyed them, but they often make me want to listen to breathless, which were sort of (perhaps) a darker, more complex precursor (starting around ’83 and spilling into the 90s (with a couple more ambient oo’s releases))..

    but these guitars still swoon!

    - mattmatt