Tz’s Daily Dose of Decade: Friendly Fires

So I was hearing and reading about this band Friendly Fires for a few months, but my first taste was this video. Here’s “Kiss of Life”…


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My initial reaction to this song/video was, “i hate this” (that’s my first reaction to most things that i end up loving), but then it haunted me and i had to see/hear it again! Now i can’t stop listening to this band. The Brit scene is finally moving past the boring bands that The Strokes (who I love) influenced and neo-soul, and we’re hearing something fresh and new again. This band, like the best English bands, seem to take elements from all kinds of genres and blend them to make something colorful and interesting. Here’s a live performance of “Paris” from Later with Jools Holland.


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  • so torn. i’ve had a remix of “paris” for a bit which i got as a download from beggars group. i’ve enjoyed it as a guilty pleasure… i’m not sure i could listen to an album, but if i was in a club, i think this is what i’d want to hear.

    i really enjoy the live versions, but the studio versions seem to lose/bury the interesting bits. that is, one sort of has to see them perform to hear how good they are, that it isn’t just programming, if that makes sense.

    - mattmatt