Music Discovery: October 2015

Our Music Supervisors listen to hundreds of songs every month, searching for just the right sound for our brands. This month, they have curated a playlist just for you; changing the tune from summer to fall. We are sure you will find these as refreshing as they did.


Artist: Fairground Saints

Twitter: @FGSaints

Track: Turn This Car Around

This song starts out sounding pretty Nashville, but ends up being sunny California Country Popgrass. This makes sense, as the group’s debut album was recorded in Malibu and not Music City. This song includes catchy vocals and melodic riffs from guitar, mandolin and banjo, as well as nice string arrangements and fiddle in there too. If they can perform live on those instruments as well as they do on the record, this will be a band to watch.


Artist: Strange Faith

Twitter: @tru_thoughts

Track: Walking Over

This Sunday morning easy groove comes from Jeb Loy Nichols across the pond in Wales.

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Featured Artist: Dane Taylor

Our EMEA Music Coordinator, Tim Shaw, is a music producer and remixer as one half of Coyote. He also runs the Is It Balearic..?, Magic Wand, and Uber record labels, and has been a DJ for over 25 years. Tim’s passion for Balearic music is shown through his DJ gigs, and he is excited to also share it in our Featured Artist series.

Artist: Dane Taylor Facebook: Shining Bird Music Track: Lets Float

Dane Taylor is the lead singer in the Australian band Shining Bird who recently had a release on Uber recordings. This solo track captures the essence of the sundrenched, blissed out songs which Uber recordings is based on, and was immediately snapped up for a vinyl release.

More info and music for Dane Taylor

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When Should You Start Playing Holiday Music?

That music blaring out of the speakers of the restaurant, retailer, hotel and airplane you visit? Yep, that is the doing of our music supervisors. While you may not notice every song that is played throughout the year, one thing is for sure: when the holiday songs begin, everyone notices. But when is the right time to start playing holiday music?

This is the hot topic among our brands as they try to nail down the perfect timing of their holiday cheer. While there is no one-size fits all approach to holiday music programming, PlayNetwork’s Dean Carlson, Music Supervisor/Procurement Lead, and Julia Cummings our Director of Music Services are here to help you make sense of the pros and cons of starting the holidays early versus waiting until the holiday season is in full swing.

Should you Jingle all the Way into the holiday season—beginning in October? Or wait until December to put your customers into the Most Wonderful Time of the Year?


Dean’s Top 3 Reasons to Jingle All the Way

Get their attention! Why wait? Even in late-October, shoppers are in a pre-planning mind-frame;

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Music Discovery: September 2015

Fall is upon us, and our Music Supervisor team is ready to slow down the playlist and transition into a cooler season. One of our Music Supervisors, Blake Kirpes, said “Now that we’ve officially jumped into Fall–my favorite season by a long shot–it’s out with the sweaty summer pop jams and in with rainy melancholic fall tunes. Below are some of our favorite Fall tracks; the kind of songs that soundtrack a rainy weekend spent indoors, or a slow weekend drive through the mountains.”


Artist: Kurt Vile

Twitter: @therealkurtvile

Track: “Pretty Pimpin”

This is one of my favorite songs of the year. I love everything about it, especially the lyrics. Their new album “B’lieve I’m Going Down” is out 9/25 on Matador Records

Artist: Pearl Charles

Twitter: @pearl_charles

Track: “I Ran So Far”

I’ve really been liking the new “Pearl Charles” EP. I recently bought this on cassette via one of my favorite labels, Burger Records.

Artist: Ultimate Painting

Twitter: @ult_painting

Track: “Break the Chain”

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PlayNetwork Announces New Blog: What About the Space

From music discovery to customer experience, we’ve always been passionate about activating the space – physical, digital, emotional, and experiential – between brands and consumers.

Today, we’re excited to introduce a new digital property, What About the Space. Through our brand development and creative content studio A440, What About the Space shares our perspectives on how space is being used to enhance customer experience. A unique “feet on the street” perspective guides you through the creative, innovative ways brands are connecting with people—from hands-on experiences, to the store environment, and everything in between.

Tamara Deike, a Brand Development Director on the A440 team at PlayNetwork, shares these points-of-view into how retail, luxury, fashion and hospitality brands are using space to engage and inspire.

Check it out at

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Featured Artist: Leo Kalyan

Music Supervisor, Emily Mitchell, comes from an independent label background and has a passion for emerging music and musicians, especially in the dance/electronic field. Finding that new sound and being able to showcase it to other people is one of the most exciting things for her. For more of her picks, follow Emily on Twitter @emijl.


Artist: Leo Kalyan

Twitter: @leokalyan

Track: Fingertips

Leo Kalyan describes his music as ‘oceanic beats’, with his floaty, electronic sound that definitely makes sense. This Londoners’ vocals are smoky and dazed with a very inventive spin. This track is taken off his EP ‘Silver Linings’, Kalyan describes that ‘Fingertips’ is a song about attempting to escape a memory but never being fully able to shake it off.

Other tracks from Leo Kalyan


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Featured Artist: C Duncan

With 30 years’ experience in the music industry through DJing and Independent record shops, Paul Wain, a Senior Music Supervisor in EMEA, enjoys finding gems that dodge the mainstream radar and keep his passion for music alive. Sharing these tracks with others, and giving the artists another method of getting themselves out there, is what he finds exciting day to day.


Artist: C Duncan

Twitter: @mrchrisduncan 

Featured Track: Here To There

Chris Duncan is a multi-instrumentalist & artist hailing from Glasgow in the UK. He graduated from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama (now the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland) where he studied music composition. His pieces were performed by various ensembles across the UK. He is signed to acclaimed independent label Fat Cat Records and recorded his first Lp at home in his bedroom studio. His interest in both classical and modern music are evident in the lush choral harmonies and acoustic instrumentation that form the layers of the songs.

Check out some other great tracks from C Duncan:


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Music Discovery: August 2015

August may signal the end of summer to some, but for our music supervisors, August is a time for upbeat and cool music that contrasts these long hot days. Among the songs selected by the Global Music Supervision team, four songs have been featured as quintessential summer jams by Music Supervisor, Alex Espinosa.  Check out the playlist, featuring songs from Waster, U R, World Beneath The Sea and Railway Lines.

WIN WIN – “Waster” My first selection comes by New York band WIN WIN. Their song Waster was an exciting fine by way of shopping for music at Amoeba record store while on a business trip. With its buzz worthy chorus, off centered guitar riffs and the not so subtle hand clapping has this track, off of their latest release ‘Primaries’ as a standout for me.

Beach Baby – “U R” My next selection is from the English band Beach Baby. With its shoegaze sound and laid back beach feel, their new single U R reminds me of the days of skipping school to go surfing with best friends. Look for them to tour stateside in the coming fall.

Brave Shores – “World Beneath The Sea” World Beneath The Sea by Canadian brother and sister act Brave Shores entranced my musical senses with their drum loops and synths sounds.

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PlayNetwork is Proud to be a Returning Sponsor for Pianos in the Parks!

What do you get when you take 22 pianos, a bunch of talented and creative artists and 32,000+ acres of Seattle & King County parks? You get Pianos in the Parks – Volume 2!

Once again, PlayNetwork has partnered with a variety of outstanding community partners who are focused on supporting the power of art and music. Featuring 22 pianos donated by Classic Pianos, and designed by Gage Academy of Arts students and Alums, these once landfill destined instruments have been transformed into works of art. These pianos have been placed in parks and public spaces throughout the Greater Seattle area with intent to encourage the community to take a moment, sit down and play! To find a piano near you, visit the Pianos in the Parks website.

This initiative demonstrates many of PlayNetwork’s Core Values by showcasing our appreciation of the arts and local community. As part of the program, we are providing video production services for events throughout the month, in effort to generate awareness and encourage community engagement.

The Pianos in the Parks initiative culminates at the Seattle Center’s Mural Amphitheatre as part of the KEXP Concerts at the Mural event in August.

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Music Discovery: Fresh Picks for July

With the Summer Solstice just behind us, our U.S. Music Supervisors thought it would be a great time to pull together some of our favorite songs from late-Spring and early-Summer!

In addition to a few fresh mainstream tracks, our playlist features brand new Indie releases from PINS, Public Access TV, FIDLAR and Wild Ones; Electronic releases from Miami Horror, Neon Indian and Disclosure; as well as wonderful new tracks from recent PlayLive guests The Dip and Cayucas.

We also made sure to include some of this year’s biggest and best Summer Anthems, from artists like Beck, Family of The Year, Icona Pop, and The Weeknd! Check out our playlist below, as well as some of the featured tracks for July!

    PINS – “Young Girls”       Public Access TV – “Metropolis”       Wild Ones – “Dim the Lights”       FILDAR – “40oz on Repeat”  

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Featured Artist: Mura Masa

Coming from an independent label background, EMEA Music Supervisor Emily Mitchell has a passion for emerging music and musicians, especially in the dance/electronic field. Finding the next “new sound” and being able to showcase it to other people is one of her favorite aspects of her job here at PlayNetwork, and she is excited to showcase a featured artist on our blog! For more of her picks, follow Emily on Twitter: @emijl


Artist: Mura Masa Twitter: @mura_masa_ Featured Track: Firefly (Feat. Nao)

Mura Masa is an up-and-coming producer hailing from Guernsey, UK. His style is very similar to the likes of Disclosure and Peking Duk making it very current and appealing to the current dance based market. This track, ‘Firefly’ features vocalist Nao who competes with the likes of AlunaGeorge for originality in her voice. The track is very upbeat and funky; perfect for summer.

Check out some other tracks from Mura Masa.

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Sea-Tac Airport Launches Pearl Jam Poster Exhibit

As a part of the Sea-Tac Airport Experience the City of Music program, the Port of Seattle, EMP Museum, Pearl Jam, and poster artists Ames Bros. unveiled a new exhibit of screen prints commissioned over the years for the promotion of Pearl Jam concerts.

This exhibit, a part of the Experience the City of Music program at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, has been titled, “PUSH ME, PULL ME: Pearl Jam and the Art of the Screen Printed Poster”. 85 posters from over 30 artists—including the Ames Bros., Brad Klausen, Munk One, and Ward Sutton—are all featured in this new exhibit.

When Pearl Jam formed in Seattle in 1990, posters were one of the few ways that a band could communicate with their audience. They were vital to advertising upcoming shows, as well as an important aspect of conveying the identity of the band. Poster art reflected the venues and cities in which the band played, represented the musicians and lyrics, with some even touching contemporary politics. But moreover, these posters illustrated some of Pearl Jam’s core artistic values: the desire to foster a climate of creativity, to act as a patron for the other artists,

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PlayNetwork Selected as Winner of Four 2015 Telly Awards

We are proud to announce that PlayNetwork, along with clients FedEx Office and Journeys, have been selected winners in the 35th Annual Telly Awards! With nearly 12,000 entries from around the world, this is truly an honor.

The Telly Awards annually acknowledge the best work of the most respected advertising agencies, production companies, television stations, cable operators, and corporate video departments in the world. The awards honor the very best film and video productions, groundbreaking online video content, outstanding local, regional, cable TV commercials and programs.

The winners are judged by a panel of over 500 accomplished industry professionals, each a past winner of an award. Work is evaluated against a high standard of merit to recognize creative work.



Awards: Silver for In-Store Film/Video; Bronze for Branded Content and Entertainment

The “This is My Journey” campaign, showcased people with unique talents – from extreme sports and charity foundations, to entrepreneurs and artists. Our winning submission features Steadfast Brand Clothing and their commitment to street art, the tattoo lifestyle, and Journeys.




Check out the award winning video below:


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Coachella 2015 Recap: The Brands

Tamara Deike is a Global Brand Development Director at PlayNetwork. She consults with PlayNetwork clients, inspiring innovative and engaging campaigns to help shape their customer experiences. With a background as a DJ, 12 years working in dance music across record labels, tech startups and artist management, as well as a Brand Development Director, Tamara has a unique perspective on both the music and artistry of the event, as well as the brands with pop-up experiences.



To be a brand on site at Coachella is a thing of many wonders. This is one of the most highly-curated, productionally-perfected (the app, digitized wristband activation, etc.) festivals, period. So when it comes to hand-selecting which brands are befitting partners, Goldenvoice has pretty much nailed it. Only a few brands rose to the top of my short-list (only 6 official brand sponsors this year):

Sephora: Best on-site activation at Coachella, hands-down. This gorgeous tent featured AC, various makeup ‘try/touch-up’ stations, a socially connected selfie-screen, Sephora giveaways, a hydration facemask lounge, and more. The entire look + feel was really inviting as were their staff.

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Coachella 2015 Recap: The Music

Tamara Deike is a Global Brand Development Director at PlayNetwork. She consults with PlayNetwork clients, inspiring innovative and engaging campaigns to help shape their customer experiences. With a background as a DJ, 12 years working in dance music across record labels, tech startups and artist management, as well as a Brand Development Director, Tamara has a unique perspective on both the music and artistry of the event, as well as the brands with pop-up experiences.



Suffice it to say that I’m no stranger to music festivals. I’ve attended everything from Sonar to Lovebox to Melt! – but this, was my first-ever Coachella. Now in its 16th year, 2015 featured 200 acts across both weekends with crowds of 100k+ people braving the 100°+ temperatures at a blisterin’ $375+ per ticket.

You’d have to be completely off the grid to miss the fervor of product placement, festival-inspired editorial, social media buzz, and artist releases staking claim pre-Coachella. As I drove down the 10 Freeway from L.A. to Indio, I was reminded again by a slurry of billboards featuring everything from Kaskade’s upcoming Vegas gigs to H+M’s official Coachella clothing line to AC/DC’s upcoming tour dates.

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Songs for the Sun

We approached our talented group of Music Supervisors here at PlayNetwork to queue up their favorite songs of Spring and Summer–the jams that remind them of when school let out and the days were longer.  This collection shows just how diverse our group of music lovers are; ranging from the ever-classic “Ventura Highway” by America to the more eclectic “Remind Me” by Royksopp, every song featured on this playlist has one theme in common: sun and fun.

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SXSW 2015 – Hey Ladies!

Julia Cummings is the Director of Music Services at PlayNetwork. She oversees the team of Music Supervisors who design in-store playlists (as well as on-line, video syncs, and beyond). With a background in radio production (KEXP) and Music Supervision herself, Julia has created the soundtracks for iconic fashion brands from Anthropologie to MAC Cosmetics.

SXSW Music 2015 had more closed streets, more rain, up-and-coming hip-hop and slow-burning R&B than 2014–luckily all countered by a whole lot less bloated branding or force-fed blockbuster acts. But for me, this year was all about the female-fronted bands. The many, amazing female vocalists that owned stages throughout: from MCs and rocking belters, to singer-songwriter and indie darlings.


If you’ve read any recap of SXSW Music, then you already know that Courtney Barnett charmed audiences with her deadpan delivery and throwaway genius. She is so low-key and unpretentious, and she mesmerizes with her strangely affecting narratives. Lucky for you–NY-based WFUV filmed the same darn show I went to, so you can have even better sight lines than I did!




Dessa, the Minneapolis-based MC and singer from the indie hip-hop collective Doomtree,

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Just Another Love Song

Whether we like it or not, the days leading up to Valentine’s Day always seems to conjure up memories of love lost and found, candy hearts, and grade school Valentine cards. Then there’s all those silly love songs that either assuage or amplify our romantic moments–a first date (or heartbreak), your wedding day, the first time you said those three little words. Hearts are swelling as we get swept up in some of our team’s favorite love songs:

Michelle G., Video Operations :: Elton John (and more recently Elle Goulding) – “Your Song” I get all misty-eyed just singing the chorus. There is no sweeter lyric ever written than “How wonderful life is/while you’re in the world”.

Brian J., Local Sales :: Alphaville – “Forever Young” Takes me back to every 8th grade dance…

John W., Media Services :: John Martyn – “Couldn’t Love You More” A song that is a simple message of love and what one would do to prove that love…”I would lay all night in the rain for you.” What else can you say after that?

Michelle U.,

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