Songs for the Sun

We approached our talented group of Music Supervisors here at PlayNetwork to queue up their favorite songs of Spring and Summer–the jams that remind them of when school let out and the days were longer.  This collection shows just how diverse our group of music lovers are; ranging from the ever-classic “Ventura Highway” by America to the more eclectic “Remind Me” by Royksopp, every song featured on this playlist has one theme in common: sun and fun.

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SXSW 2015 – Hey Ladies!

Julia Cummings is the Director of Music Services at PlayNetwork. She oversees the team of Music Supervisors who design in-store playlists (as well as on-line, video syncs, and beyond). With a background in radio production (KEXP) and Music Supervision herself, Julia has created the soundtracks for iconic fashion brands from Anthropologie to MAC Cosmetics.

SXSW Music 2015 had more closed streets, more rain, up-and-coming hip-hop and slow-burning R&B than 2014–luckily all countered by a whole lot less bloated branding or force-fed blockbuster acts. But for me, this year was all about the female-fronted bands. The many, amazing female vocalists that owned stages throughout: from MCs and rocking belters, to singer-songwriter and indie darlings.


If you’ve read any recap of SXSW Music, then you already know that Courtney Barnett charmed audiences with her deadpan delivery and throwaway genius. She is so low-key and unpretentious, and she mesmerizes with her strangely affecting narratives. Lucky for you–NY-based WFUV filmed the same darn show I went to, so you can have even better sight lines than I did!




Dessa, the Minneapolis-based MC and singer from the indie hip-hop collective Doomtree,

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Just Another Love Song

Whether we like it or not, the days leading up to Valentine’s Day always seems to conjure up memories of love lost and found, candy hearts, and grade school Valentine cards. Then there’s all those silly love songs that either assuage or amplify our romantic moments–a first date (or heartbreak), your wedding day, the first time you said those three little words. Hearts are swelling as we get swept up in some of our team’s favorite love songs:

Michelle G., Video Operations :: Elton John (and more recently Elle Goulding) – “Your Song” I get all misty-eyed just singing the chorus. There is no sweeter lyric ever written than “How wonderful life is/while you’re in the world”.

Brian J., Local Sales :: Alphaville – “Forever Young” Takes me back to every 8th grade dance…

John W., Media Services :: John Martyn – “Couldn’t Love You More” A song that is a simple message of love and what one would do to prove that love…”I would lay all night in the rain for you.” What else can you say after that?

Michelle U.,

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