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Featured Artist: Metroplane

Two giants of the underground dance scene join forces to produce a sure fire future Ibiza classic. Alex Metric & Aeroplane are Metroplane. The simple formula of this track works wonders on the more discerning dance floors. Loped vocal sample filtering in and out, disco stabs ghosting over a chunky house groove. Everything you need for a heads down slice of basement house.

Artist: Metroplane

Facebook: Metroplane

Twitter: @Alexmetric@VitoAeroplane

Track: Over Me


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Music Discovery: May 2016

During the day-to-day process of matching bands with brands, our Music Supervisors are obliged to listen to an eclectic spectrum of music. From high-fashion retailers to fast-casual restaurants, the search for needed content exposes our team to a wide range of emerging talent and overlooked classics.

One of our Music Supervisors, Mark Campbell, has featured four songs from Band of Horses, Postiljonen, Tiga, and Blitzen Trapper which reflect the diverse scope of songs our team utilizes on a daily basis. You can check out these songs, as well as many other new releases chosen by our Music Supervisor team, using the Brand Radio player below.



Artist: Band of Horses

Twitter: @bandofhorses

Track: Casual Party

From their forthcoming album Why Are You OK (due out this June), the Seattle rockers share their new single – a peppy, indie rock gem that indicates a slight departure from their previous sound. If this song is any indication, this album should be a standout for 2016. Having Rick Rubin as executive producer on the LP will certainly help in the publicity department.

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Featured Artist: Unloved

David Holmes, Keefus Ciancia and Jade Vincent make up Unloved. The band comes from a fondness for moody rock noir and 1960s girl groups. Guest players are also on board – including Jim Keltner, Deantoni Parks, Wayne Kramer and Gus Seyffert, and together they evoke the sounds and spirit of The Shangri La’s, Bruno Nicolai, The Paris Sisters, The BBC Radiophonic Workshop and Phil Spector’s wall of sound.

‘When a Woman is Around’ is the second single taken from the LP Guilty of Love.

Artist: Unloved

Twitter: @weareunloved

Track: When a Woman is Around

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Featured Artist: Huntar

The very talented South Londoner, Huntar has come out with quite a bit of music in the last year through his signings to Good Soldier Songs in the UK and Glassnote Records in the US. He has been supported by Pigeon and Planes as well as Noisey, both saying he is one to watch for the future. As the future RnB sound is becoming more mainstream, Huntar will be there to make sure everybody gets a fantastic fix.

Artist: Huntar

Twitter: @HUNTARmusic

Track: SK1N

More music from Huntar

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Featured Artist: Atjazz

Two of the very best deep house producers come together on this new release from Local Talk. Atjazz’s “Fox Tooth” was a big track in 2015 and has now been remixed by Kaytronik AKA house legend Karizma. A deep brooding underground club bomb. Stripped back and lovingly rebuilt for the basement dancers.

Artist: Atjazz

Remixer: Kaytronik

Twitter: @martinatjazz@KAYTRONIK

Track: Fox Tooth (Kaytronik Floss Dub)

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Music Discovery: April 2016

Check out what our music supervisors are listening to this month in our Music Discovery playlist for April. Also featured are some great songs to help lift your spirits into spring, hand picked by Alex Ruder, one of our music supervisors.


Following months of constant rain, grey days, and early sunsets here in the Pacific Northwest, I welcome the transition into spring with wide open arms. Time to finally roll the car windows down and jam out to some feel-good music. While I’d still bump these tracks year-round, these 5 new tracks are all sounding especially nice in the sunshine.


Artist: The Range

Twitter: @therangejames

Track: Florida

The Range is the alias of Brooklyn-via-Providence electronic producer James Hinton. He’s been bubbling up from the underground over the last five years with standout releases on fantastic incubator labels such as Astro Nautico and Donky Pitch. His new sophomore album Potential marks his first release on Domino Records, a major look for an artist largely making beats out of his bedroom. His new record is based around samples he discovered while going down YouTube rabbit holes,

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Featured Artist: TW Walsh

As a music lover of all things new and fresh, I was checking out the many music blogs and stumbled upon the track “Young Rebels” by TW Walsh.  After the first deep bass drum kicks of the song, I was hooked.  With the mixture of synth sounds and keyboard swashes, this track by Massachusetts born Timothy William Walsh has a retro 80s feel to it that is popular with today’s indie crowd looking for something that stands out from the norm.  “Young Rebels” actually reminds me of my youth when I was really into Gary Numan and The Cars.

Working as a songwriter, producer and engineer, TW had his hands on different projects before joining Seattle Indie band, Pedro The Lion back in 2003.  He has since provided production assistance from anyone from Sufjan Stevens to Crystal Skulls.  After spending 18 months with a mysterious illness he attributed to insomnia and bad dieting, TW Walsh got into Eastern Mysticism which had him thinking of ways of bringing classic music production techniques into today’s modern technology.

This is noticeable on his latest release Fruitless Research out now on indie label, Graveface Records with a collaboration in production duties with Yuuki Matthews who also has worked with Crystal Skulls as well as The Shins.

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Featured Artist: Baroness

For those who don’t dwell in the dark, foreboding world of metal, or heavy music, it’s easy to know why this band would be unknown to you at this point, but after you’ve read through this post  your excuses for not knowing are at an end.

Baroness is a behemoth of a band, incorporating elements of heavy metal, sludge, progressive metal, and more recently heavy rock. The band rose up from the swampy magnolia roots of Savannah, GA, to take the metal world by force in the mid-2000’s with their initial releases, Red and Blue. In 2011, the band released what I consider to be their Physical Graffiti-album, Yellow And Green, a heavy, melodic opus that was so big they had to make it a double album. While touring in Europe for Yellow And Green, the band was involved in a pretty gnarly bus accident that left their lead singer/guitarist with a broken arm and leg, while the original bassist and drummer both suffered vertebrae injuries that would force them to leave the band, and guitarist Pete Adams was treated and released with lesser injuries. After a long and grueling rehabilitation and the addition of a new rhythm section,

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Featured Artist: The Heirs

The brother and sister duo of Brandon and Savannah Hudson, originally from Boca Raton, Florida – now based in Los Angeles, rose to fame on the 2013 season of America’s Got Talent. Having since left behind their mainstream Pop/Rock sound, they now lead a 5-piece band that explores the world of Electro Pop.

“Lies” (the final track of the band’s debut EP, Ecliptic) is a bright and shimmery electronic gem – recalling the sounds of CHVRCHES and Lorde, while leaving their own unique impression on the genre. Sultry vocals, pulsing synthesizers, and a top-notch production level all conspire to deliver an exceptional, stand-out track.


Twitter: @TheHeirsMusic

Track: Lies

Check out more music from The Heirs

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Featured Artist: Innerspace Orchestra

Innerspace Orchestra are no strangers to musical genius. Tom Furse (The Horrors), Cathy Lucas (Fanfarlo) and Rose Elinor Dougall (Mark Ronson/The Pipettes) came together after a random recording session sounded more like something that shouldn’t be so random. Their debut track “One Way Glass” premiered online and will be released on March 4th via Different Recordings.

Artist: Innerspace Orchestra Twitter: @innerspaceorch

Track: One Way Glass

Learn more about Innerspace Orchestra.

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Music Discovery: March 2016

Check out what our music supervisors are listening to this month in our Music Discovery playlist for March.  Also featured are some up and coming Soul and R&B artists, hand picked by Chris Robles, one of our music supervisors.



A lot of good Soul and R&B albums have been released already this year and we’ve just started 2016! Here are a few songs from some of these albums that caught my ear and have been bumpin’ in my car, at home and through my headphones. These songs are definitely influenced by artists of the past and reflect the sounds of classic R&B, disco and even the 90’s…

Artist: BJ The Chicago Kid


Track: Turnin Me Up

This song has a nice laid back feel with vocals reminiscent of Marvin Gaye singing along with a smooth bassline, some horns, flutes and a little piano. I also like how the song rides out with mainly just the instruments during the last couple of minutes.


Artist: Anderson .Paak feat.

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Music Discovery: February 2016

Even after living in Seattle for over 10 years and having the chance to see, come to know, and work with many great bands and musicians, it’s amazing to see how this city continually raises the bar. These days Seattle is home to some of the most high caliber artists, who are putting out some of the most unique and best music across most every genre. This month’s five feature songs are all new releases from some of today’s best Seattle artists, each of which has a new album out (Night Beats and Pilar Point) or have upcoming full-length releases slated for the near future (Tacocat, Caridknox and Cave Singers).

The full Music Discovery playlist for this month features a ton of new releases from artist such as Sia, Chairlift, Savages, St. Luica, Wet, Ra Ra Riot, Woods, Daughter, Santigold. Bleached…and many more.



Artist: Tacocat

Twitter: @TacocaTs

Track: I Hate the Weekend


Artist: Cardiknox

Twitter: @cardiknox

Track: On My Way


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Featured Artist: Nicola Cruz

Artist: Nicola Cruz

Twitter: ZZK Records

Track: Colibria

Nicola Cruz is a French producer and percussionist of Ecuadorian heritage. This track, Collibia (the name of the instrument played throughout the track) is a beautiful evocative slice of mellow acoustic electronica. There are touches of the Afro Cosmic sound and also the traditional folk sounds of South America. Deeply satisfying all round Nicola says “Colibria was born when I was living at the foothills of an active volcano where daily we watched it bleed, this track signifies an inward search and the journey of being reborn.” I think this sums it up perfectly. The track is taken from his stunning new album “Prender El Alma.”

Other tracks from Nicola Cruz

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Algorithmic Playlists vs. Human Curation: The Pros and Cons of Each

One of the hot topics in the music industry right now is the debate regarding whether algorithms, or technology in general, can replace human curation. The question is: which type of playlist is better? And specifically for brands that spend so much time and effort on their identities, what’s the best way to ensure a consistent brand sound?

How Algorithmic Playlists Are Generated

Popular consumer streaming services, such as Spotify and Apple Music, tout both types of playlists: human curated, as well as algorithmic. In order to generate algorithmic playlists, these tools track a user’s listening history, and leverage the track’s metadata to develop a list of similar artists and tracks for future play.

The problem with solely using algorithms for commercially-licensed music programs is that they’re extremely limited. While the output is influenced by listening behavior, the outcomes are often predictable and lead back to the same place—often as repetitive and conventional as listening to commercial radio.

Eventually, a person will need to intervene to prevent disconnected content and avoid hearing the same songs every two hours. And no matter how advanced the catalogs, metadata, and algorithms get in the future,

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