Music Discovery: April 2017

What the World Needs Now is RAPtivism

For the month of April it is all about RAPtivism. Our Associate Music Supervisor, Kalla Vavra, has picked four songs from Aisha Fukushima, Kendrick Lamar, The Relatives, and Kevin Michael, which feature elements of RAPtivism in their music. You can peep these tunes below and be sure to check out the new addition of the April BrandRadio playlist, brought to you by our music team to refresh and impress your ears.


You can feel it all around. There’s an unspoken electricity triggered by the current state of affairs in our nation. Out of such conflict, there is a rise of artistic expression that captures the diverse views and opinions in our cultural environment. During this time of uncertainty and unrest, it is a common habit to focus on the negative because we are so inundated with what the opposition believes that it eventually becomes a competitive divide: rights vs. wrong, us vs. them, me vs. you.

That’s why I’ve chosen to highlight RAPtivisim for this month’s blog. Aisha Fukushima, a speaker, singer, and writer, defines the phrase RAPtivism as a “global hip hop project spanning over 10 countries and four continents,

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The Changing BPM’s of Club & Dance Music

Tempo Shift Average BPM It’s not your imagination, dance music is getting slower.

The one constant in the world of dance music? It has always been in a state of flux. From the heyday of Disco in the 70’s to the ubiquitous presence of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) today, music designed to get you out of your seat and onto the dance floor has gone through an enormous change in the last four decades. While some elements have remained throughout the years, instrumentation, lyrics, and especially tempos have moved into new, unprecedented directions.

Beat-matching, a technique invented in the late 60’s by Francis Grosso, allows a DJ to seamlessly blend different tracks together into a non-stop flow of music, capable of going unbroken for hours at a time. The success of this approach is heavily reliant on finding songs that have a similar tempo or BPM (beats per minute). Consequently, if an artist wants their latest dance track considered for rotation in any of the thousands of dance clubs around the world, the tempo of the song (to a certain extent) is predetermined.

But in the last decade dance music has undergone a dramatic downshift in tempo.

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Music Discovery: March 2017

For the month of March we are stepping in to the Seattle music scene which has a diverse history of music, and it is still going strong. “There is an amazing variety of artists ranging from all styles of music who are captivating the Seattle Music Scene. The publicity may not be as noticeable but the creativity is as strong as ever. With an ever changing landscape of technology and corporations, it is no wonder why the local youth are challenging the establishment with a multitude of genres touching on soul, rock, hip hop and folk,” according to Associate Music Supervisor, Ruben Lira. With so many artists to choose from, Ruben as chosen four bands that he says are currently captivating his palate. Plus, our entire music team has made sure our playlist for our March BrandRadio is all new to keep your playlists current for 2017!




Artist: Spirit Award

Facebook: @spiritawardband Track: Las Vegas

Vintage dreamy indie rock. I love how the songs moves back and forth through different variations of moods both edgy yet ethereal.

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Music Discovery: February 2017

Some songs have power to make you hit that repeat button; they are the songs that you wish were  longer, and the kind you will surely be playing for years to come! You know it’s a great song when you start it from the beginning right when it’s over. This month, Blake Kirpes has selected some of his current favorite tracks, all of which get the “repeat” treatment when he plays them. Check out our February BrandRadio, as our entire music team has hand selected a mixture of new music to keep your playlists current!




Artist: Future Islands

Twitter: @futureislands

Track: Ran

The amazing new single from Future Islands is sure to be a hit and another classic in their catalog! This is the band’s first single from their upcoming album The Far Field – The song is about a person telling their love that they, “can’t take this world” with out them. This song is dramatic, powerful and emotional; it’s everything we’ve come to expect from Future Islands.


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